​It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Paul Horne and FITCORE HEALTH. I have had the good fortune of training with Paul for the last eighteen months and have been continually and consistently impressed and grateful for his wide range of expertise and his commitment to furthering my levels of health and fitness. I have, in fact, been so impressed that I have recommended him to both my wife and my young adult son. Although the three of us have very diverse fitness strengths, challenges and goals, the results that we have found through working with Paul have been nothing short of phenomenal. Paul's wide range of expertise in core and stability training, flexibility training, aerobic conditioning, and strength training has been instrumental in our meeting or exceeding all of our goals. Importantly, his experience and expertise has also resulted in absolutely minimizing our training related strains or injuries which has further allowed us to maintain our momentum and motivation. All the while, he has been affable, energetic and entirely "trainee focussed", making certain that the training fit the client as opposed to the reverse which is all too often the case in the personal training field.

As owner of a company that has employed dozens of career counsellors, I am often asked what qualities are necessary to succeed as a mentor, counsellor or coach. In a nutshell, my response has been as follows: In order to succeed as a trainer or coach, the individual must first and foremost have a great deal of knowledge in their field. Although it is helpful if the trainer can empathise with the client's journey, it is critically important that the trainer be able to diplomatically but firmly and systematically direct the client towards behaviours that will lead to their success. It is through these actions that the trainer demonstrates to the client that they have the client's best interests as their very top priority and that their job satisfaction is derived wholly from the client's success.

Paul Horne personifies these qualities more than anyone I have ever met and it is these qualities that places him at the very top of his field. I have no reservation in recommending him to anyone who has an interest in improving their levels of health and fitness.

Hal Klein